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This is a new platform which has came out of research from the Paul Mellon Centres x Yale Art School Summer Programme 2022 (research theme:  Art and Labour. /  This platform is a ground for writing that has become unnoticed, writing that was written but not successful, rejected writing, writing that didn't make it (writing that got thrown in the bin), and writing that wasn't finished.  


This online platform acts as a site where old writing can now been seen and read.  A thinking space where things and ideas are still becoming.  A ground that is unfinished and filled with potentials of undone work.  


This online platform has came to resolution from the Art and Labour reserach programme - spending time and energy writing applications, writing emails which either don't get sent or get rejected seems wasteful.  These writings get put away in online folders, or email draft bins to not be seen again.  


The time and energy spent on writing and, thinking of writing is now paused.  COMMON-NOTE(S) is interested in redoing this drafted, bin-throwing energy, and regurgitating the writing which has been left incomplete, undone, rejected, or even, failed.   


future thinking:  The Paul Mellon Centre are currently funding this online platform for 12 months - until July 2023.  If this online platform becomes successful with enough submissions, there is a possibility (provisionally) that with the PMC publication grant, this online platform has the potential to become a physical publication.  (

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